Hamburger, Other Cuts, and Beef on the Hoof

Whether you want hamburger or all the cuts, we have options for you

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Hamburger, Roasts, Other Cuts, and Beef on the Hoof for Your Freezer

Hamburger By 2 and 5 Pounds, and Other Cuts

Hamburger! USDA certified hamburger available in 2 lb and 5 lb frozen packages. Fed at our feedyards and USDA inspected and processed at a local locker. Available for pick up at our locker in West Point, NE. Shipping available for added cost. Other roasts and cuts available. Contact us for availability and scheduling your meat pickup or delivery! 

Beef on the Hoof

With the threat of meat and other food shortages due to the damage of coronavirus, Cov-Sars 2, to the supply chain, more and more people are buying whole beef cattle for processing by their locker. Two, three or four families can share a single head of beef divide the meat as halves or quarters as they see fit. Our beef is higher quality than you can buy in a grocery store, and you will taste the difference.

Write to us at or call Nick at 402.528.3498. Tell us know if you have any special requests. Arrange to have your locker pick up your beef for processing or we can assist you.

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