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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important certifications in your industry, and what are they for?

We believe that the Beef Quality Assurance Program is the most coveted certification in the production of feed cattle.  We are BQA certified.  BQA is an independent audit of practices throughout the value chain of beef production.  A BQA audit addresses animal health, food safety and product quality. BQA is a farm-to-fork audit, from the cow-calf producer to the dinner plate that covers everything one would think of as wholesome, safe and delicious. The BQA organization works with veterinarians and extension educators to conduct training for feedlots, livestock auction markets, anybody who handles cattle frequently. You can learn more at BQA.org

What is the minimum number of cattle I can feed in a custom lot?

Pen sizes will range from 100 to 250 head. Sometimes several feeders will form a partnership or feeding corporation. This spreads the risk and permits them to place cattle on feed every month and to sell every month, further spreading the risk.

What happens when the cattle arrive at the custom feedlot?

Cattle are typically weighed, given permanent identification as to who owns the cattle, and go through an extensive health processing program. Every animal is inspected daily for health. Sick animals are taken to a hospital pen and are treated through the guidance of consulting veterinarians.

Do you have cattle available to purchase?

Yes, we are continuously purchasing cattle daily that are placed on a list and proposed to buyers weekly. It’s called our shelf cattle.

Do I need to be present to start an investment?

No, we have customers that are connected to us every day that we don’t have much physical contact with. This is strictly the investor’s choice.

How will I know which cattle are mine? How are they identified?

All cattle coming in our facilities are given specific Lot Number. This specific number can never be used again with our system. This number is placed in their ear as a tag and is placed there upon arrival. The cattle might move from one pen to another but the Lot Number stays with them until departure.

What is a normal feeding period?

The feeding period of cattle may range from 100 to 230 days. This is dependent upon initial weight, type of cattle and ration fed.

Is there insurance on our cattle at the feedyard?

Yes, the cattle are covered under a limited policy. Example: tornado, theft, floods, and snow storm suffocation

Can I prepay feed for my investments?

Yes, the prepaid feed value will be placed in an account and credited to the bi-monthly invoice. Credited balances will be available on the bi-monthly invoice. It is a great way to reduce taxes.

Can I inspect our investment?

Yes, inspections are common and conducted during regular business hours.

Are hedging strategies offered?

Yes, every investor has different goals, so a strategic plan is discussed prior to purchase.

How are the cattle sold?

We have 6 active packers that view the cattle when they are ready for market. The packers actually visit each lot that is on the showlist for that week. A price is offered and can either be accepted or declined.

Can I buy lots with different projected maturity dates so that I spread my price risk?

Yes, buying more than one lot, that is, lots with different projected month that the cattle go to market, is the best way to reduce price risk and achieve an average at the year-end is approximates that actual average price for cattle that year.  This strategy helps any size of portfolio.

Does Ritter Feedyards have opinions about which lots of cattle would spread out my price risk over time?

Yes, a projection is made of the maturity of each lot of feeder cattle at the time of purchase and are available to each client interested in a particular cattle lot number. Our goal is to have continuous repeating clients.

Is transportation for the cattle arranged by Ritter Feedyards?

Yes, we have a large network of carriers that have transported for us many years.